I am a painter and performance artist interested in light, color, movement, form, texture and the process by which these perceptual properties accrue over time. My artistic experiences as a professional modern dancer and musician have led me to value the foundational movements of painting, such as brushstrokes, and the vibrations and pulses that exist within light and color. In my studio I paint by natural light, which varies depending on time of day and season and is antecedent to the fields of color-energy present in my work. I explore texture and form by painting on unique materials such as fiberglass, shoji paper, and gesso board. I am fascinated by the intersection of visual art and other creative disciplines and often create work in collaboration with musicians, choreographers and poets.


Erin Parsch is an abstract painter, multi-media and performance artist. Her paintings are featured in major collections in the United States and around the world, and her work has been on display at Mark Borghi Fine Art, Monica King Contemporary, M. David & Co Gallery, Lincoln Center, Wooster Art Space, Lightyear Capitol Foundation, Florence Gould Hall, NAWA, and the Gershwin Hotel. Parsch has been commissioned to create paintings for the Erick Hawkins Dance Company and Manhattan School of Music and has collaborated with musicians, poets, and dancers including Lew Soloff, Dave Taylor, Shahzad Ismaily, Kyle Nasser and Jeffery Yang. In 2021 she collaborated with composer/keyboardist Dov Manski on the album “The Hue of Silence” (Sunnyside Records) exploring the intersection between aural and visual arts by partnering paintings with musical compositions. She had the honor of being featured by the esteemed art publication “Views” the Baur au Lac in 2018. Parsch studied dance and music at SUNY Purchase. She was the youngest dancer to join the Erick Hawkins Dance Company and continually draws on her artistic experiences as a dancer and musician to inform her visual arts practice.